Training and Development

The Rekon Academy will help transform the way you work and advance your career

Training & Development

The Rekon Academy will help transform the way you work and advance your career

Why choose Rekon Academy

The Rekon Academy provides individual and organisational training in the REKONP3™. We equip participants with the tools, training and confidence to tackle the most complex business problems. REKONP3™ is proven to get results, increase productivity and ultimately improve performance – regardless of at what stage you are in your career.

We will make you an expert in...

Become the leader people are still talking about years later.
Identify and craft the right culture for your organisation.
Confidence to make better quality decisions, faster.
Long and short term plans with military precision, leaving nothing to chance.
Learn the seven essential element to communicate a task.
Execute plans with precision. Meet and exceed expectations.

Individual training

The Rekon Training Academy focuses on helping individuals build the skills required to be successful in their career. By applying the REKONP3™ Methodology, our training programs focus on optimising all aspects required to advance your career.


Looking for training to help your organization

Our training program is designed to enable companies – and their leaders – to adapt and thrive. We offer bespoke training packages that can be tailored to your specific business needs.

Organisational training

Change management
Problem solving
Strategic planning
Organisational culture
Effective communication
Ethical leadership
Simple, intuitive knowledge and tools that work

People are the most important element of any business. REKONP3™ will teach you the fundamentals of leadership, enabling you to foster a culture of excellence and drive high-performance teams in your organisation.

Planning and decision-making are essential for high-performance. REKONP3™ teaches a simple and intuitive decision-making process for use at all levels in your workplace.

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The REKONP3™ tools helped me advance my career. Our results hinge on the REKONP3™ tools and I train every person in my team in the tools.


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Rekon P3™ - Level 4 Accredited